Visual overload

April 2012

Now there’s yet another thing we probably should use on the big bad web. I must admit this one is easy and fun and probably is a good idea in the scheme of things. I just added a pin (yes it’s actually the old-fashioned kind meant here I think) of friend and astro colleague Liz Hathway and she said “there we go again! Neptune in Pisces.” And she’s right. Neptune went into the sign of Pisces this year so after years of us all being  ‘geek addicted’ (Neptune in Aquarius with all that technology), we are now going to be ‘picture addicted’ with Pinterest. They have got it spot on! It fits this time period beautifully. It’s a visual method of liking stuff and having your say about it. It’s easy and I am already addicted – under the illusion perhaps that I am  helping others. It’s quite a creative process to find the right image.

Of course the online trawlers are getting all sorts of useful info about us but I have a sort of Neptunian idealistic view of the world that this doesn’t matter. It probably does but I don’t care! But marketers are already saying it’s the way to go because people buy from people they know. So a recommendation from someone you trust is worth a lot. Use it wisely if that’s at all possible…
But I am already suffering visual overload.

note Turquoise = Neptune/Pisces so using any or all of these fits the times…

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